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17th December 2021 @ The Wisteria


Christmas Meal and Mini Disco

2nd December 2021 @ The Wisteria


Paying for our meal and drinks

2nd December 2021 @ The Wisteria


Practicing our Christmas dance moves 

11th November 2021 @ The Curve Theatre


This was our first night out traveling by coach for 

nearly 2 years and what a great night it was.

4th November 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


Games night at the Wisteria Hotel with the

LLR Autism Officer meeting our members

21st October 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


A very noisy games night with every member participating.

It was hard to work out who was having the most fun.

Was it the members, volunteers or the leaders?

26th September 2021 @ Bamboozle's Firebird


Our members that attended this production of 

Firebird really enjoyed the performance. 

 Thank you so much The Rutland Rotaract Family Support Centre for inviting us.

23rd September 2021 @ Thunderbowl Kettering


What a great turn out to this session 

Compilation of Bowling Mini Video Clips

9th September 2021 @ Oakham Castle, Rutland 


Our Founder and Secretary was presented with

The British Empire Medal by The Lord Lieutenant of Rutland

which was announced in The Queen's 2021 New Year Honours

2nd September 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel Oakham


It was so good to see so many members attending.

26th August 2021 @ Rutland Water Normanton


The sun was not out but it stayed dry for our picnic and outdoor games

19th August 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel 


Oh what a night our members have had 😊

5th August 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


Our Meals and Games night at Wisteria Hotel are getting better each time with new members joining in and those we have not seen for a while.

It was so lovely to see members having fun and participating in the Great Mental 

Health Consultation with Sue from Rutland Community Ventures CIC. 

But the best picture is the one of a member holding on to the 

door frame, reluctantly leaving at the end of the night.

22nd July 2021 @ Jump Revolution 


We had such fun jumping around and eating pizzas

1st July 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


Another great Meals and Games night with members 

proudly wearing their new kit thanks to a grant from 

Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation.

24th June 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


What a lovely relaxing evening our members had at our 

meal and games session at The Wisteria Hotel tonight. 

Thank you for making us feel so at home. 😀

May 2021 


We had a virtual session with John Herbert speaking to us about

the Future Rutland Conversation

6th April 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


What a brilliant night!

It was lovely to have members we’ve not seen 

since last year and new members joining us 😀

4th March 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


Jacqui our secretary was presented with the painting below which was drawn by Lily on behalf of the Out of Hours Club members in honour of Jacqui receiving

the British Empire Medal in the Queen's 2021 New Year's Honour List

4th March 2021 @ The Wisteria Hotel


Poem written by Sarah an Out of Hours Club Rutland member

February 2021


Socialising, Playing Games and Meals at Wisteria Hotel

January 2021


Socialising and Playing Games Virtually

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