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December 2019 - Winter Wonderland Hyde Park

December 2019 - Christmas Meal at The Old Buttercross Oakham

November 2019 - Christmas Shopping in Leicester

For the very first time ... 

13, Out of Hours Club Rutland Members, supported by 2 Leaders and 1 Committee member, 

took the train 🚆 from Oakham to Leicester, went Christmas shopping 🎁 and then 

took the train 🚆 from Leicester back to Oakham.


Each member had to buy their own return train 🚆 ticket 🎟 paying for it either with 

cash 💷 or with their own debit card 💳 and keep them safe until they were needed.

Once in Leicester the big group split into 2, in order for everyone to buy at least 2 presents 🎁 before 

meeting back up to go to for a pizza 🍕 meal,  which they ordered themselves with minimal support.

We then travelled by train 🚆 back to Oakham, and not one of the members lost their 

money 💷 debit card 💳 presents 🎁 or train ticket 🎟.


This shopping 🎁 trip was a great 👍 success with the majority of the members as well as 

their parents/carers asking if they can do it again next year 😀.

October 2019 - Bowling at New York Thunderbowl Kettering

This was the largest group so far that we have taken anywhere that we needed 

5 vehicles to take 18 Members and 3 Leaders to New York Thunderbowl. 

But what a brilliant 👍night bowling 🎳we have had even though we got back home a little 

later 🕦 than planned. We have never seen so many of the group getting strikes 😲

This was a very challenging session with lots of things happening such as loud music 🎼 playing, 

lots of people having lots of different conversations 🗣👥, the noise of the balls knocking the pins over 🎳 and 

people cheering 👏whenever someone got a strike🎳, which every member of the group coped 

with using various tactics. Well done everyone 👍

Thanks 🙏 to those who provided the transport 🚗🚕🚙 especially 

Tara and Sam who were able to help us at the last minute 😀

October 2019 - Pub, Pool & Games Night at The Railway Inn Oakham

Photos kindly taken by a member of the club​

September 2019 - Laser Storm in Grantham

The red team won the first game, 

the green team won the second game and below

is the moment when the teams find out which of 

them has won the third game and the tournament. 

August 2019 - Annie The Musical at The Birmingham Hippodrome

Thanks to funding from Aviva Community Fund and 

Healthy Rutland Grant Scheme

August 2019 - Pub, Pool, Games, Chippy Tea @ The Railway Inn Oakham. 

We also had a visit from some members from Women in Philanthropy

July 2019 - BBQ @ Rutland Water with a surprise visit from PC Joe Lloyd

July 2019 - Pub, Pool and Games Session @ The Railway Inn Oakham

June 2019 - Jump Revolution Trampoline Park Grantham

June 2019 - KidZco First Aid Workshop for

Committee Members, Leaders and Volunteers 

April and June 2019 - Women in Philanthropy Presentations

Jacqui Darlington (Founder and Secretary and Sophie Gray (Leader) did several presentations to the 

Women in Philanthropy about Out of Hours Club Rutland which were very well received.

May 2019 - Melton Mencap Bikers and Burgers Night 

May 2019 - Gaming Convention in Norwich 

March 2019 - Cirque Berserk UK @ Royal & Derngate Theatre Northampton

This is Britain’s biggest theatre circus spectacular that combines talented international troupes with over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers, and daredevil stuntmen showcasing the finest in traditional circus thrills and skills. We were so excited about watching the show we forgot to take pictures, but everyone had a great time.

March 2019 - Mayor of Oakham 

Adam Lowe and His Wife Civic Reception

 February 2019 - The Race Club Karting UK Corby

This was the first time that we had taken members Go Karting and it was also 

the first time that many of them had done anything like this. 

 January 2019 - OHCR Cinema Group @ Showcase Cinema de Lux Peterborough

 January 2019 - Pub, Pool and Games Night @ The Railway Inn Oakham

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